Find out about different types of IT jobs and different industries that offer them. You’re not limited to technical careers – there are plenty of options if you are more interested in business.

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Careers in IT involve ensuring that individuals and organisations have the hardware and software they need and any necessary support to help them make the best use of it.

Unsurprisingly, there are lots of roles that involve using technical skills and knowledge, such as programming, computer networking or fixing your colleagues’ PCs. However, there are also plenty of jobs that have more of a business focus, in which you’ll use skills such as building good relationships with clients, managing projects so they stay on time and in budget, or assessing how new technology could make a company more efficient.

For all roles it’s important that you like technology and are prepared to learn some basics about the area you’re working in, but there’s no need to become a technical expert unless you want to.

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