If you’re more interested in the business side of things, consider the following:

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• Technology consulting (advising businesses on how they can use technology to help them work more efficiently and make more money)
• Project management (making sure that IT projects are completed on time and in budget)
• Technical sales (selling hardware or software to businesses or individuals)

Of course, the precise balance of business and technical skills in each job will vary from employer to employer.

Jobs that are very business-focused typically involve more travel than those that are very technically focused. This is particularly the case with technology consulting, where in some roles you might spend most of your working week at a client’s offices in a different city or even a different country.

Careers in technical sales also involve a lot of travel to see clients. However, some technical jobs require lots of travel too – for example if you join an IT services company (see below) you might be sent to work at a client’s office rather than your employer’s office. Don’t worry though – employers foot the bill for travel and overnight stays.

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