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    How IT helps businesses to make money

    In most IT jobs, your work will ultimately help your employer to increase its profits. You don’t need to understand the financial details, but it’s good to know how your role will contribute to your organisation’s goals. Companies whose main business is IT make money by providing IT products or services. This could involve selling...
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    Types of employers who offer IT jobs

    Almost all businesses need to use technology and many employ specialist IT staff, so you can find vacancies in a huge variety of industries. The following offer large numbers of technology jobs: • Software companies • Hardware companies • Games companies • Technology consultancies (who offer technology consulting services – see above) • IT services...
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    If you’re more interested in the business side of things, consider the following:

    • Technology consulting (advising businesses on how they can use technology to help them work more efficiently and make more money) • Project management (making sure that IT projects are completed on time and in budget) • Technical sales (selling hardware or software to businesses or individuals) Of course, the precise balance of business and...
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    Different types of jobs in IT

    If you want a job with a lot of technical work, options include: • Developing software • Developing hardware • Developing games • Developing websites • Networking (connecting computers so they can exchange data) • Testing (making sure that software or hardware works properly before it is released to the public) • IT support (providing...
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    Find out about different types of IT jobs and different industries that offer them. You’re not limited to technical careers – there are plenty of options if you are more interested in business.

    Careers in IT involve ensuring that individuals and organisations have the hardware and software they need and any necessary support to help them make the best use of it. ...