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About Us – Dev Talent



Our love for people and wanting everyone we interact with to be “the best they can be” is the energy that drives us at DevTALENT.

To achieve this DevTALENT develops Relationships and Partnerships with both our clients and candidates which create the platform from which to deliver results. 

Passion for excellence and zero tolerance for mediocrity is what drives DevTALENT and all who interact with DevTALENT in pursuing EXCELLENCE and making a difference in people’s lives. 

DevTALENT strongly believes that ensuring the RIGHT people in the RIGHT place in an Organization does make a difference. 

We strive to match the appropriate Human Resources with the relevant Career opportunity through a clear understanding of our client’s requirements and objectives. 

DevTALENT is committed to continually striving for excellence. Trust, Integrity, Honesty and Mutual Respect forms the foundation of our Company and is the basis of all relationships with our Clients.

DevTALENT Assurance 

DevTALENT have more than 20 years of specialist recruitment knowledge. Our value-added services run deeper than just an assignment.

We pride ourselves on extensive market research and analysis, which keeps us informed of the latest global trends and newest developments in the recruitment market place. DevTALENT is your personal in-house HR manager, a partner that shares your mission, vision and aspirations – whether you’re a client or candidate. In order for a bond of trust to be formed in our partnership, we adhere to a strict code of ethics, which provide you with the utmost in privacy, confidentiality and professionalism.   

Mission Statement

We endeavour to provide a personalised search and conscription service solution that is parallel to both the professional candidate and the progressive organisations expectations.

We are dedicated to quality partnerships that anticipate and achieve your requirements for unsurpassed experience and specialist skills. 

Vision Statement

DevTALENT is committed to preserving its unique one-to-one client relationships through converging dedicated candidates and clients.

We believe in a continued hands-on approach through confidential consultations, which create a client service that offers focused market opportunities and personal growth at the highest level. 

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